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I've been reading obituary notices," said Miss Cornelia, laying down the Daily Enterprise and taking up her sewing.
I never saw it but I thought of the word OBITUARY then and there.
I looked it over, and discovered this memorable entry among the obituary announcements of the day:
In the next sentence the writer of the obituary notice deplored the destitute condition of Mrs.
Never mind, we're going to have a real obituary about him in Our Magazine," whispered Cecily consolingly.
In short, the honorable Judge was beginning to be a stale subject before half the country newspapers had found time to put their columns in mourning, and publish his exceedingly eulogistic obituary.
Do you suppose that that poor fellow there, who this moment perhaps caught by the whale-line off the coast of New Guinea, is being carried down to the bottom of the sea by the sounding leviathan --do you suppose that that poor fellow's name will appear in the newspaper obituary you will read to-morrow at your breakfast?
We wrangled over a good many ante-mortem outburts, but I finally got him to cut his obituary down to this, which he copied into his memorandum-book, purposing to get it by heart:
You and the young lady are worth more than Armstrong's obituary notices.
I've no doubt the papers would give you an obituary notice then.
Des Lupeaulx had heard from his valet of La Billardiere's death, and wishing to please the two ministers, he wanted an obituary article to appear in the evening papers.
I don't think in the history of this country we ever seen such a thing, that somebody who is alive is in the obituary pages.