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1. object.
2. objection.
3. objective.
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One: OBJ's antecedents speak clearly that he would publish and be damned once any incumbent president crosses the line, and the line for OBJ is the sanctity of Nigeria's unity.
description of the procurement: Local building inspectorate (ba) for the main construction and auxiliary industries as well as for the technical equipment for the construction project 3425 langenlebarn, Bahnstrae 62, Brumowski air base, General refurbishment of obj.
where [DELTA] is the difference of given variables, R is the range of Obj, [mu] is the mean value of His features of superpixels, and a is the standard deviation of His, Obj of current merged superpixels.
Save any frame from the ChronoSculpt timeline as an OBJ file for Maya Blend Shapes or as an Endomorph for LightWave to create facial morph targets and deformation effects
Cluster one consists of locations obj 09, obj 06, obj 10, obj 12 and obj 13 (same as factor one in table 2).
En ningun momento se hablo de comisiones CIRC NEG/TIEMPO CL VIMP OBJ PREP
If we type []CHART OBJ we can play with the charting options to obtain a graph of the triangle.
33) Relational hierarchy Subj > Obj > Objo > .
Estimated enemy disposition and composition on the objective, OBJ HOUND, was 20 enemy (OBJ was a suspected terrorist training camp that involved an estimated 8-10 cadre and 10-12 students) and 8-10 noncombatants.
Alex MacDougall, spokesman for Merseyside fire service, said: ``We have six fire engines with CCTV on them, but the FBU raised big obj ections to turning them on.
Details of Mini variants (on one sheet of A4, with a photograph) should be sent to: Search For The Set, Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warks CV35 OBJ.