object file

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ob´ject file

n.1.(Computers) A computer program which has been translated into machine language by a compiler and assembler, but not yet linked into an executable program; sometimes called an obj file, because its file name typically has the extension "obj" .
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For each object file there is the image file, which includes the coordinates of the surface to be mapped.
(2.) Object file 2005-299, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, VA.
The compiler script allows the developer to compile C code to C6000 object file format.
Meanwhile, the 3D Face Modelling Web service takes a 2-dimensional frontal portrait image and instantaneously processes it into a full 3-dimensional face object file that can be incorporated into games, virtual worlds, and other applications involving photo-realistic human avatars.
Finally, the model was subsequently checked for mesh overlap and holes before conversion to a COB object file format (.COB) for import into the trueSpace CAD program (Caligari, Redmond, Washington).
The PPR site has a strong search engine allowing users to browse by issue or search by keyword, object file name, title, creator, contributors, subject, coverage, description, publisher, date, language, identifier, relation, transcription and audience.
Self-describing BLOBs and Distributed Object File Systems.