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(ŏb′jĭkt-ôr′ē-ən-tĭd, -ĕn′-, -jĕkt′-)
adj. Computers
Of, related to, or being a language or system that can use and support objects: object-oriented graphics; an object-oriented interface.




(Computer Science) computing (of programming) dealing with code and data in blocks so that it is easier to change or manipulate


(ˈɒb dʒɪktˌɔr iˌɛn tɪd, -ˈoʊr-, ˈɒb dʒɛkt-)
Computers. pertaining to or being a system, programming language, etc., that supports the use of objects, as an entire image, a routine, or a data structure.
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Valenta, "Using Object and Object-Oriented Technologies for XML-native Database Systems," Proc.
At Xerox PARC, in the 1970s, he invented Smalltalk, the first completely object-oriented programming, authoring, and operating system, which included the overlapping window interface we all use.
New features include: interfaces that require no programming, an object-oriented metadata layer, "on-the-fly" data retrieval and clustering, for high-availability support.
The unique Object-Oriented data models utilized in StayinFront Visual Elk allow an exact fit CRM system to be configured for use with an existing business structure without costly and time-consuming programming code.
Thousands of software developers in consulting, industrial and defense companies including GM, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed Martin, IBM, EDS and CSC use WinA&D for structured analysis & design, multi-task design, UML based object-oriented design and database design.
With an object-oriented approach, HP OpenView Select Identity is adaptable and enables customers to address change at a lower cost."
In this article, we'll discuss how Extreme Programming (XP)--a software development methodology that evolved from processes created by developers of the object-oriented programming language Smalltalk in the mid-1980s--can now be used to effectively solve many of the major issues that lead to project complications.
The Object-Oriented Programming and Systems (OOPS) specialist group of the British Computer Society was created in 1985 to provide a forum for the increasing number of researchers and practitioners interested in object technology..
MOOs are text-based, object-oriented, and server-client virtual reality programs.
Therefore, a new object-oriented model is presented that enables the use of ex ante accounting data for this purpose.
Object-Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework (OOMMF) software, developed by NIST mathematicians, helped to enable one of the top advances in physics last year.
Hamilton explains in his new book how to use object-oriented programming in Visual Basic .NET.

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