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tr.v. ob·jec·ti·vized, ob·jec·ti·viz·ing, ob·jec·ti·viz·es
To make objective or impersonal; objectify.

ob·jec′ti·vi·za′tion (-vĭ-zā′shən) n.


(əbˈdʒɛktɪˌvaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to cause to be objective
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The society that breeds martyrs is for Ayala a society ravaged by horrors and atrocities, one that is incapable of objectivizing freedom in its institutional arrangements.
On the other hand, both ironically and inconsistently, given its resistance to objectivizing the other, the poem fails to escape subjectivity.
He covers Alexander von Humboldt setting the theme; Darwin and the German public; naturalism in nature; naturalism and the objective eye: bird portraiture between art and photography; and objectivizing feeling: the novel, acting, and Darwin's The Expression of the Emotion in Man and Animals.
[which] penetrate ever more spheres of life and force individuals to adopt an objectivizing standpoint in their dealing with each other." (14) Secular rational morality developed by modern thinkers is aimed at individuals rather than at communities and does not foster any impulse toward solidarity.
But perhaps this is also a trend of current thinking, to seek certain pragmatism and productivism, objectivizing and fragmenting all, turning even the academic thinking into object of consumption.
In the present essay, I will concentrate primarily on the first two fields and the intentional deployment into them of ramified articulations of force--i.e., technologies of power--those strategic interventions "which determine the conduct of individuals and submit them to certain ends or domination" and effect an "objectivizing of the subject" (Foucault, 1988, p.
(34) Leonardo Polo, reading, in a certain way, Heidegger, holds that the objective delimitation of the sciences can be detected by a non intentional intellectual function (nonrepresentative or objectivizing) which is at the bottom of the method of metaphysics and which would consist in the habitual knowledge of being and of the relative principles.
Such a celebration of natural beauty is, for Krauss, a diversion from what she sees as Martin's primary project, that of objectivizing subjectivity, of using the grid and its dissolution as a signifier that highlights and destabilizes the sovereignty of individual perception.
(1) technologies of production, which permit us to produce, transform or manipulate things ; (2) technologies of sign systems, which permit us to use signs, meanings, symbols, or significations ; (3) technologies of power, which determine the conduct of individuals and submit them to certain ends or domination, an objectivizing of the subject; (4) technologies of the self, which permit individuals to effect by their own means or with the help of others a certain number of operations on their own bodies and souls, thoughts, conduct, and a way of being, so as to transform themselves in order to attain a certain state of happiness, purity, wisdom, perfection or immortality.