objet d'art

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ob·jet d'art

 (ôb′zhĕ där′)
n. pl. ob·jets d'art (ôb′zhĕ där′)
An object of artistic merit.

[French : objet, object + de, of + art, art.]
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objet d'art

(ɔbʒɛ dar)
n, pl objets d'art (ɔbʒɛ dar)
(Art Terms) a small object considered to be of artistic worth
[literally: object of art]
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ob•jet d'art

(ˌɒb ʒeɪ ˈdɑr)

n., pl. ob•jets d'art (ˌɒb ʒeɪ ˈdɑr)
an object of artistic worth or interest.
[1860–65; < French: art object]
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objet d'art

A French phrase meaning object of art, used to mean something, especially something small, that is considered to be a work of art .
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Noun1.objet d'art - a work of art of some artistic valueobjet d'art - a work of art of some artistic value; "this store sells only objets d'art"; "it is not known who created this piece"
virtu - objet d'art collectively (especially fine antiques)
work of art - art that is a product of one of the fine arts (especially a painting or sculpture of artistic merit)
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objet d'art

[ˌɒbʒeɪˈdɑːr] nobjet m d'art
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objet d’art

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objet d'art

[ɔbʒɛdar] noggetto artistico
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References in classic literature ?
Percerin, who was walking behind Fouquet, and was engaged in admiring, in Lebrun's painting, the suit that he had made for his majesty, a perfect objet d'art , as he called it, which was not to be matched except in the wardrobe of the surintendant.
Designed for those who prefer the very finest watches, the 40mm case is available in titanium or King Gold, transforming the piece into a jeweller's objet d'art.
Likewise, a collection of cut-glass objet d'art, and other-cut glass items such as water pitchers, vases and candleholders, make for a great group.
6 Orange coral table lamp with linen shade, PS125, Graham & Green An attractive objet d'art you'd expect to see in a swanky retreat by the sea, the exotic coral base and pristine white shade channels beauty while also being functional.
After Sheikh Mohamed posted on social media the photo of him receiving the 50cmx70cm objet d'art from Galadari, the post went viral, amassing 10,000 likes within an hour.
Two of the world's most esteemed houses of luxury have joined forces to create one unique objet d'art, for one discerning patron.
Also, the Parrot Repeater doubles as an objet d'art, set with 10 carats of assorted rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds.
Andrea said it took 10 men to carry the chair to the roof where it now stands as an Objet d'art. Choufani Wrought Iron and Interior Designs has won several laurels for their work over the years including the prestigious Golden Anvil Award, honoured membership in the "Who's Who of Professionals" and The Certificate of Excellence by the German Krieger Classic Iron Systems Establishment.
And if its purpose is more to add to the style of a room, think about adding extra dimensions, colour and light (draping some fairy lights on a shelf works well in a bedroom or lounge), and a striking objet d'art on a high-up shelf is a great way to draw eyes upwards and elevate a space.
DIMA MIRROR These hanging pendants can be used in symmetry and placed either side of an objet d'art or painting to make a fashionable statement, and would look brilliant next to some wall-mounted jewellery or a gallery of sun hats.
In my own work, which is specifically based on the vessel, what I am seeking to achieve, what it is I'm really interested in, is elevating the vessel to the status of art object, in some ways similar to an 'Objet d'art' or 'Objet de vertu'.
Dima Mirror - Set of 3 - Black, PS35, Amara (amara.com) These hanging pendants can be used in symmetry and placed either side of an objet d'art or painting to make a fashionable statement, and would look brilliant next to some wall-mounted jewellery or a gallery of sun hats.