objet trouvé

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ob·jet trou·vé

 (ôb-zhā′ tro͞o-vā′)
n. pl. ob·jets trou·vés (ôb-zhā′ tro͞o-vā′)

[French : objet, object + trouvé, past participle of trouver, to find.]

objet trouvé

(ɔbʒɛ truve)
n, pl objets trouvés (ɔbʒɛ truve)
(Art Terms) any ordinary object considered from an aesthetic viewpoint
[C20: literally: found object]

found′ ob′ject

a natural or manufactured object that is perceived as being aesthetically satisfying and is exhibited as such.
[1955–60; translation of French objet trouvé]
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