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One to whom another is under obligation by a contract or legal agreement.
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1. (Law) a person in whose favour an obligation, contract, or bond is created; creditor
2. (Law) a person who receives a bond
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(ˌɒb lɪˈdʒi)

1. a person to whom another is obligated, as by a contract.
2. a person who is obligated to another.
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[ˌɒblɪˈdʒiː] N (Jur) → tenedor(a) m/f de una obligación
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"Renunciation of solidarity by the obligee in favor of one or more
La compagnie aerienne nationale qui porte le meme nom a cesse ses activites en 2001 a la suite d'abus de la part de ses dirigeants et de fonctionnaires qui avaient l'habitude de voyager sans payer leurs billets, ce qui l'a rendue lourdement endettee et l'a obligee a mettre la cle sous le paillasson.
The state is the Obligee for California cannabis surety bonds, so the bond is protecting the state and ensuring that business owners will comply with regulations.
More specifically, a surety bond is a three-party agreement in which a surety or bonding company promises to pay an obligee if a principal does not satisfy their obligation.
If the property levied on is claimed by any person other than the judgment obligor or his agent, and such person makes an affidavit of his title thereto or right to the possession thereof, stating the grounds of such right or title, and serves the same upon the officer making the levy and a copy thereof upon the judgment obligee, the officer shall not be bound to keep the property, unless such judgment obligee, on demand of the officer, files a bond approved by the court to indemnify the third-party claimant in a sum not less than the value of the property levied on.
The principal has a contract to perform for the obligee, and in case of default of the principal, the surety is bound to perform and fulfill all of the terms and conditions of the underlying contract.
Thus, the three-year period begins when the obligee knows the facts enabling him to exercise the right (subjective moment) or when he ought to know the facts (objective moment).
Key amendments include the choice of law for voidable transfers, defenses for an obligee or transferee, burdens and standards of proof, and clarification of receipt of 'reasonably equivalent value'.
Ceci sans parler du fait que la STEG qui est ravitaillee a partir de ce gaz se verrait obligee d'aller voir ailleurs (importation de l'Algerie) pour assurer ses besoins pour la production de l'electricite, conclut le communique.
Under the latter, specific performance is considered a form of equitable relief, meaning that such required action is awarded to the obligee (the person to whom the other is obligated under contract) to the extent that such damage is unique and monetary damages are inadequate to compensate the same.