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1. Lacking conscious awareness; unmindful: oblivious to her surroundings; oblivious of the criticism against him.
2. Archaic Lacking all memory; forgetful.

o·bliv′i·ous·ly adv.
o·bliv′i·ous·ness n.
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بِعَدَم انْتِباه
án òess aî gera sér grein fyrir
ilgisiz bir şekilde


adv to carry on obliviouslyeinfach (unbeirrt) weitermachen
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(əˈbliviəs) adjective
unaware of or not paying attention to. He was oblivious of what was happening; He was oblivious to our warnings.
oˈbliviously adverb
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Worse, for some people, autonomous cars will become an extension of the workplace, much as New York City commuter trains already are for a silent minority obliviously pecking away at laptops or tablets until they reach their destination.
The man is so chaotic and so obliviously careless of what the world thinks of him, that he gives himself away.
Diana had lived obliviously in London while people like her were fleeing their homes from firebombs, shelling, drone attacks and barrel bombs.
Diana had lived securely, obliviously, in London, while people like her were fleeing their homes from firebombs, shelling, drone attacks and barrel bombs.
I still have more than a year left on my contract so obliviously I will be looking forward to experiencing another Ramadan in Qatar."
I once saw a jeepney driver obliviously solving a vernacular crossword version while waiting for his vehicle to be filled up with passengers.
Obliviously, it was good weather that contributed to the growth, but the PM said it was due to the arrangement he made.
Obliviously, education is very important tool for everyone to succeed and get a better and prosperous life.
Good thing opposition candidate Jose Manuel 'Chel' Diokno was quick to remind the country about its bitter experience with unfettered rule just over 40 years ago, courtesy of the father of the very woman beside him now enthusing obliviously about it: 'Have we forgotten our history when there was a president who installed himself as a dictator to avoid term limits?' said the human rights lawyer.
His five-year-old son had been shot dead, while his teenage daughter Anna was obliviously dating the murderer - and the whole sorry saga ended with the girl pointing a gun at her father.
As he sat up in shock and agony, with a face as bruised as a one-legged can-can dancer's backside, his wife completed her master stroke by lying there pretending to be obliviously asleep.