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1. Lacking conscious awareness; unmindful: oblivious to her surroundings; oblivious of the criticism against him.
2. Archaic Lacking all memory; forgetful.

o·bliv′i·ous·ly adv.
o·bliv′i·ous·ness n.
بِعَدَم انْتِباه
án òess aî gera sér grein fyrir
ilgisiz bir şekilde


adv to carry on obliviouslyeinfach (unbeirrt) weitermachen


(əˈbliviəs) adjective
unaware of or not paying attention to. He was oblivious of what was happening; He was oblivious to our warnings.
oˈbliviously adverb
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In a room elsewhere in the man's apartment, she sees a young boy, headphones blocking his hearing, obliviously playing a video game.
The Economic Counselor, a senior Foreign Service officer, had obliviously shared what the US diplomatic mission monitored during the previous months and years with the Washington delegation which had the authority to decide the quantum of the appeal quota.
David Taylor set the vessel, worth PS450,000, adrift on the River Tyne while owner Michael Hay and Taylor's partner Hannah Brookes were obliviously chatting onboard.
One fly settles by his rheumy right eye, another crawls slowly down his cheek, almost to his lips as he carries on talking obliviously.
David Taylor set the vessel adrift from where it was berthed on Newcastle Quayside, while its owner Michael Hay and Taylor's partner Hannah Brookes were obliviously chatting on board.
The heavens cry today for them; obliviously, we sleep.
PCB is unaware of this whole incident but obliviously the team management in West Indies would look into the matter,' he said.
Beyond statistics, the anecdotal evidence is obvious: You can't drive more than a few blocks without seeing a driver talking on a phone, some obliviously veering out of their lane.
So, obliviously, all this has affected journalism here as well and it has changed accordingly.
Obliviously it has a specific impact here in Lebanon because Hezbollah has a big presence.
And when I say "heading your way" I really do mean it because apparently we have become a nation of distracted bargers, rudely blundering and obliviously bumping into one another like human dodgems.
While still on the toilet, she then appears in such settings as a party at work, a cow field, and her boyfriend's home where, while he obliviously munches away on popcorn, she holds up a can of Poo-Pourri and notes that it is "proven to trap those embarrassing odors at the source, and save relationships.