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 (ŏb-nŏk′shəs, əb-)
1. Very annoying or objectionable; offensive or odious: "I know no method to secure the repeal of bad or obnoxious laws so effective as their stringent execution" (Ulysses S. Grant).
2. Archaic Exposed or subject to harm, injury, or evil: "Those who are most obnoxious to punishment will flee from the country" (George Washington).
3. Archaic Deserving of or liable to censure.

[Latin obnoxiōsus, subordinate, from obnoxius, subject, liable : ob-, to; see ob- + noxa, injury; see nek- in Indo-European roots.]

ob·nox′ious·ly adv.
ob·nox′ious·ness n.
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Noun1.obnoxiousness - the quality of being hateful
odiousness, offensiveness, distastefulness - the quality of being offensive
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nWiderlichkeit f, → Widerwärtigkeit f; (of person also, behaviour)Unausstehlichkeit f
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Hence, it is, in part, out of a mirroring fear and frustration with the forever-advancing technology, as well as a tendency to reject the male character's obnoxiousness verging on a passive-aggressively abusive attitude that we rally with her.
But for the rest of us, the girls and the not-so-manly boys, how long do we have to keep putting up with this obnoxiousness? As long as the patriarchy lives and thrives, one supposes.
Your taxi will arrive in five minutes." My obnoxiousness notwithstanding, Matsui's Japanese restaurant is 140 miles away.
In the entire period, we have in tangible terms been traumatised by many development challenges, mostly out of the rapacity of corrupt politicians and conscienceless public officials while our authentic values have been with disdain desecrated by the obnoxiousness and obscenity of foreign influences in every aspect of our national and public life.
While on the other bank of the river, there are many witnesses on the obnoxiousness of the white phosphor used by warplanes of the US-led which have obliterated all signs of life there.
friends first before lovers - is that we already knew each other inside out, both our positive and negative traits, our cuteness, quirkiness, and obnoxiousness before we got into a relationship.
Ten chapters cover everything from Reading your speech like Mr Bean, how to bring a written speech to life and embracing your own obnoxiousness and how to feel less intimidated.
Frum even had a good explanation for why Trump's supporters found his obnoxiousness inspiring, not embarrassing.
David Keating, a regular BNSF commuter from Aurora to Chicago, finds that while riding home "other than reeking of alcohol at times, (train drinkers) actually are not that bad normally, especially if there are kids on the train." He's encountered more "obnoxiousness" on trains into Chicago during festival season.
Just as they exhibit omniscient powers within each film, so does Haneke, with some obnoxiousness, prove that he is in ultimate command of his cinematic parlour tricks, a master manipulator lording it over audiences.