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obovate leaf


adj. Botany
Egg-shaped and flat, with the narrow end at the base: an obovate leaf.


(Botany) (of a leaf or similar flat part) shaped like the longitudinal section of an egg with the narrower end at the base; inversely ovate


(ɒbˈoʊ veɪt)

inversely ovate; egg-shaped in longitudinal section, or outline, with the narrow end at the base.
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Adj.1.obovate - (of a leaf shape) egg-shaped with the narrower end at the base
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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It has spiny, obovate, serrated leaves borne in clusters on yellowish stems emanating from a three-spined axil.
afghanica to feral plants with obovate leaflets (a shape he said was not seen in European plants), medium height, and profuse branching.
The two lateral lobes are also somewhat obovate in shape, but a little wider than the posterior ones, measuring 12-13 mm in length and 7-8 mm in width.
Leaves are pale green, 10-60 cm long and 7-20 cm wide with obovate or elliptic blades, rounded to acuminate at the tip and base.
Leaves alternate, spiral or distichous; petiolate or subsessile, presence of pulvinus; extrafloral nectaries absent or present, convex, sessile or stipitate, located between the pairs of leaflets or on the petiole; leaflets 1-many pairs, papyraceous to coriaceous, elliptic to oblong, lanceolate to obovate, apex acuminate, rounded to mucronate, base oblique.
Linear to obovate Grayish pale to brown Carduus psycnocephalus L.
5 cm long, oblong in outline; petioles 10-12 mm long, winged, somewhat aromatic when crushed; rachis more narrowly winged than petiole, involute when drying, and appearing quadrangular; leaflets 7-11, 5-6 x 6-9 mm, subsessile, semi-succulent, and broadly obovate to broadly elliptic, yellowish-green, opaque, midvein on abaxial surface prominent; indument spiculate on stems, reproductive structures glabrous, foliage with resinous papilla.
The succulent, glabrous (hairless, smooth) leaves, 1/2-to one inch long, are obovate (paddle shaped), flat, and alternately arranged.
The leaves, spirally arranged, lack stipules and are shortly petioled (to 5 mm long); the leaf blade is narrowly obovate, 1011 x 2.
Leaflets obovate to elliptic, 3-18 mm long, 3-9 mm wide, pubescent, upper half serrate, apiculate.
The leaves, which had 9 to 15 lobes on each side and a 10~3 mm petiole, repelled slugs and grubs, were obovate to oblong, glabrous above, glabrous to densely grey-white hairy below, mostly 10~20 cm long and 5-14 cm wide (2).