adj. Botany
Egg-shaped and solid, with the narrow end at the base: an obovoid fruit.
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(Botany) (of a fruit or similar solid part) egg-shaped with the narrower end at the base. Compare ovoid2
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(ɒbˈoʊ vɔɪd)

inversely ovoid; egg-shaped with the narrow end at the base, as certain fruits.
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9 + Pome yellowish green, ovoid or obovoid, 5-loculed; fruiting pedicel 4-5 cm and thickened distally........................10.
The stone is prolate, obovoid in lateral view with a keel in the plane of bisymmetry and is essentially unilocular although a collapsed second locule is visible in cross section (Fig.
It also comes in three different shapes - oblong, obovoid and bell.
UREDINIOSPORES globose to sub-globose, obovoid or ellipsoid or elongated ellipsoid, hyaline to light brown, 20-32.5 x 15-22.5 um, wall 2-2.5 um thick, brown, germ tube hyaline, 4-7 x 3-4.5 um.
Leaves 4.5-9.3 cm long; petiole 12-27 mm long; pulvinus 0.8-1 mm diam; rachis 2-3.8 cm long, interfoliolar segments 0.3-1.1cm long; extrafloral nectaries 1, oblong, obovoid, globose or claviform, sessile or short stipitate, located between the proximal pair of leaflets, 1-1.6 x 0.4-1.1 mm; leaflets 5 pairs, papyraceous, abaxial face pubescent, adaxial face glabrous, the distal 15-32 x 7-16 mm, the proximal 10-19 x 6-13 mm, oblanceolate to obovate, venation brochidodromous, nervures 5-7 pairs, apex emarginated, base oblique-obtuse, margin plane, glabrous.
mundula they are shorter (5-6.5 x 4-5 [mu]m), subglobose to obovoid in profile and face view (Pegler & Young, 1975).
Fruit shape: globose = 0; subglobose = 1; obovoid = 2; elipsoid = 3; ovoid = 4.
Obovoid Stout was tapped at the brewery on October 17th and will be available in single 22 oz.
30 cm) simple leaves, deflexed flowers with conspicuous and well developed sepals, yellow to red corollas, mostly red nectar scales with flag shaped (laterally expanded and obovoid in shape) dorsal threads and large, globose seeds with shallowly reticulate testas (instead of deeply pitted as in Caiophora, Weigend et al., 2004, 2005; Acuna et al.