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Pakistan's OBS Group is in advanced talks to sell one of its pharmaceutical operations to businessman Munis Abdulla, people with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg.
Clarifying news reports appeared in a section of press, the Searle informed the stock exchange that no formal discussions or negotiations for acquisition of OBS Pakistan Ltd have taken place between the company and OBS or its sponsors as part of its ongoing business development strategy.
The PBMNCs were co-cultured with hFOB 1.19 in T175 cell culture flasks containing an OB basal culture medium DMEM/F12 at the ratios of 1 OC: 1 OB, 1 OC: 2 OBs, 1 OC: 4 OBs, and 2 OCs: 1 OB, respectively.
In pursuit of its tradition of bringing innovative quality medicines/companies, OBS recently have partnered with Vifor Pharma (A Swiss based pharmaceuticals) and very soon Vifor Pharma's well known Iron brands such as Venofer, Maltofer and Ferinject will be available from OBS Pakistan authorized distributors.
Genetic variation also modulates reactive oxidative stress, which may influence several diseases through their interaction with OBS components [16].
Still, the OBs pushed on and in the 78th minute Lee Palfrey levelled the game.
The Lausanne, Switzerland-based International Olympic Committee (IOC) set up OBS in 2001 to serve as the host broadcaster for all summer, winter and youth Olympic Games and to ensure efficiency and consistency in Olympic production and broadcasting.
PMM MKG FAH...," and just before you reach PMM, hit the OBS key to suspend way-point sequencing and maintain PMM as the active waypoint.
With its expertise in one-pack systems, Baerlocher plans to continue the development of OBS technology.
ObS systems are designed to scale in capacity and more importantly the number of objects archived.
OBS N and OBS O Systems are also targeted at flexible PVC applications, such as flooring, wall coverings, and automotive interior parts.