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 (ŏb-sēn′, əb-)
a. Offensive to accepted standards of decency.
b. Law Of or relating to materials that can be regulated or criminalized because their depiction of nudity, sex, or excretion is patently offensive and without artistic or scientific value.
a. Morally repulsive; disgusting: "The way he writes about the disease that killed her is simply obscene" (Michael Korda).
b. So extreme in amount as to be objectionable or outrageous: "hammered by stratospheric rents and obscene taxes" (Joe Queenan).

[Latin obscēnus.]

ob·scene′ly adv.
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Adv.1.obscenely - to an obscene degree; "this man is obscenely rich"
2.obscenely - in a lewd and obscene manner; "he had seen how in their dances the white men and women held one another obscenely"
á klámfenginn hátt
müstehcen bir şekilde


[əbˈsiːnlɪ] ADV
1. (= indecently) [gesture, remark] → obscenamente
to talk/write obscenelydecir/escribir obscenidades
he was swearing obscenelyestaba soltando tacos y obscenidades
2. (= shockingly) [fat] → repugnantemente; [rich, expensive] → escandalosamente
she earns obscenely large amounts of moneygana unas cantidades de dinero escandalosas


advobszön; (= repulsively)ekelerregend; she earns obscenely large amounts of moneysie verdient unverschämt viel Geld


[əbˈsiːnlɪ] advoscenamente


(əbˈsiːn) adjective
disgusting, especially sexually. obscene photographs.
obˈscenely adverb
obscenity (-ˈse-) plural obˈscenities noun
an obscene act or word(s). He shouted obscenities at the police.
References in classic literature ?
The night was stiflingly hot, and as Hans Breitmann and I passed him, dragging our bedding to the fore-peak of the steamer, he roused himself and chattered obscenely.
The hunters were laughing at a fresh story of Smoke's; the men pulling and hauling, and two of them climbing aloft; Wolf Larsen was studying the clouding sky to windward; and the dead man, dying obscenely, buried sordidly, and sinking down, down--
And the gap widening so scandalously during their misrule proves Tories govern for a tiny, obscenely rich minority at the expense of the many on low and medium wages.
No my dear DG, we do not need more women earning obscenely high amounts: we actually need fewer men earning more than the Prime Minister.
Motorsport is an obscenely expensive sport and without a sponsor such as Gala I know I would have never been able to race again.
An obscenely rich, obscenely powerful, obscenely arrogant, unrepentant shameless f ck of a public servant who stole over and beyond what any fertile and wild imagination could ever comprehend," Badoy said.
YAY - I've finally got something in common with the obscenely wealthy, Oscar-winning, A-list actress who sleeps with Brad Pitt.
It seems a bit off for people on obscenely high incomes to be asking those on extremely low ones for lots of money.
It seems the billions of pounds thrown at the Premier League are not used to promote English football, rather they only succeed in making the clubs obscenely rich since the FA and Sky decided the only league that mattered was the Premier League.
WeE1/4re at Kfar Hanokdiman encampment owned by Israelis Jews and operated by Bedouinafter an obscenely long day.
The image of Marie Antoinette romping around her palatial digs, utterly oblivious to the storm gathering outside her window, furhishes almost too perfect a metaphor for "The Queen of Versailles," Lauren Greenfield's often hilarious, mostly infuriating chronicle of the rise and fall of one of America's most obscenely wealthy families.
He is obscenely well-paid to display his skills on the football field and, if he is not able to give 100% loyalty to Newcastle United, then he must leave and the sooner the better and take his agent with him.