observation dome

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Noun1.observation dome - lookout consisting of a dome-shaped observatory
lookout station, observation tower, observatory, lookout - a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings
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Six of the carriages were GoldLeaf, the most luxurious level of service, with an observation dome on top and dining room underneath.
Calm within the eye of the fading siren storm, he clambers to the plane's unoccupied flight deck, between its pilot and co-pilot seats and sets a box of sandwiches, sack with cake or cookies, choice of fruit and one thermos in a nook beside each tall chair then turns into the navigator's work station, passing directly beneath the clear, concave observation dome, dark as the mute firmament above it.
During the cleaning the male remained at the site and the female was seen resting right side up under the viewing window about 2 m from the cavity, hidden from view from inside the public observation dome.
And in an CONTINUED ON PAGE 43 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 41 observation dome carriage - which bizarrely used to be an ice cream parlour in Florida - it's a grand way to travel.
There are four classes of carriage - coach, first, observation dome and luxury - with prices ranging from pounds 45 to pounds 120 a seat.
Gear to control the observation dome and all data collected by devices was aboard coach three.
The new observation dome surrounds a control post for a robot arm that will play a crucial role in the docking of the commercial capsules that NASA expects to take over the cargo deliveries.
The crew will deliver and install a new room that will house lifesupport equipment, exercise machines and a toilet, as well as a seven-window observation dome.