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Noun1.observation station - a station set up for making observations of somethingobservation station - a station set up for making observations of something
sampler, sampling station - an observation station that is set up to make sample observations of something
station - a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose; "he started looking for a gas station"; "the train pulled into the station"
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The flagship passed almost vertically over the Sandy Hook observation station, rising rapidly as it did so, and in a few minutes all New York was vibrating to the Staten Island guns.
It is highly unlikely that a storm of this magnitude would pass directly over a weather observation station, and if it did it would probably break it, so the winds of Haiyan were estimated from satellite images.
The researchers would collect information via remote sensing technologies, said Li Zhongqin, head of CAS Tianshan Mountains Glacier Observation Station.
e National Park Visitor Centre e National Park Visitor Centre will be setting up a public observation station with telescopes and presentations by experts.
At each ICP Materials observation station, the following parameters are measured: ambient air temperature, relative humidity, intensity of solar radiation; concentrations of gaseous pollutants S[O.
He said that the Directorate implements several high-tech projects by installation of advanced high-tech weather forecast systems and equipment, wind radars, atmospheric temperature observatories in order to increase safety at the Bahrain International Airport, develop climatic database and observation mechanisms around the Kingdom of Bahrain and also installation of seismic observation station connected with the main grid in the United Arab Emirates.
Edinburgh was a bit overcast, although temperatures of 22C (71F) were recorded at an observation station in Gogarbank.
The report at the time was that a fund had been established to finance rehabilitation of Webster's original observation station.
The 97% up-time of the observation station is within the limits of the institutional goal but the procedures for major failures could be improved.
A new Terminal Approach Radar Control (TRACON) facility and a new Automated Weather Observation Station (AWOS) have also been built.
And they did a pretty good job, I had to admit when, a few weeks ago, I stood inside the observation station on the spot they chose.

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