obsessive-compulsive personality

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Noun1.obsessive-compulsive personality - personality characterized by a strong need to repeat certain acts or rituals
personality - the complex of all the attributes--behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental--that characterize a unique individual; "their different reactions reflected their very different personalities"; "it is his nature to help others"
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[4] demonstrated that obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is the third common personality disorder in applicants for cosmetic surgeries, which is inconsistent with our results.
Thirteen patients with BPPV had any personality disorder, with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (n=10, 21.7%) and avoidant personality disorder (n=4, 8.7%) being the most frequent ones.
Functional impairment in patients with schizotypal, borderline, avoidant, or obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
'Late last year in November we found out she had OCPD (obsessive-compulsive personality disorder), lung cancer, thyroid cancer and pancreatic cancer aside from having kidneys that did not function.
On another hand, Mudrack (2004) explored the relationship between obsessive-compulsive personality traits and workaholism, and came to the conclusion that high work involvement, together with high scores in obsessive-compulsive traits, seems to increase the likelihood of working unnecessarily hard.
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder: Understanding the Overly Rigid, Controlling Person
Follow-up psychotherapy outcome of patients with dependent, avoidant and obsessive-compulsive personality disorders: A meta-analytic review.
[22] Studies of clinical samples report that individuals with obsessive-compulsive personality traits underperform on specific executive function tests related to set-shifting and planning abilities.
Depressive disorder was the most common one observed followed by histrionic personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
Robert Ekaireb, 38, allegedly murdered former lap dancer Li Hua Cao, 27, after their relationship crumbled because of his jealousy and obsessive-compulsive personality. They married in 2006 after meeting at a lap dance club, Li Hua had repeatedly tried to leave Ekaireb, most recently two months before her death, the jury heard.

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