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00pm Cleaning obsessives Hayley and Dann head for Plas Teg, a 17th-century Jacobean manor in the heart of Flintshire, north Wales.
The group of obsessives - thought to be about a dozen - are known by police to slavishly follow the top tennis stars around the globe.
Zodiac" then is an obsessive, ambiguous movie about obsessives struggling with ambiguity.
Chock-full of laughs, information, and bitchy backstage details, this is the perfect book for Oscar gossip obsessives.
Leon Salzman traced the contours of obsession and obsessive personality in 1968, summing up a century of therapeutic experience and exasperation with "obsessives" just as the war in Vietnam entered its most divisive stages, and in the same year, Erwin W.
If the coming prequel of ``Star Wars'' seems to have brought out the obsessive in you, and you just can't get enough from television and newspapers and radio, that leaves just one place to turn - the Internet, where all obsessives seem to end up.
There is no evidence as yet who the culprits are yet he vilifies a group of people, saying: "There is a tiny minority of political obsessives who believe they can intimidate and bully councillors out of office, but in this instance it seems their obsession has spilled over into criminality".