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 (ŏb-strĕp′ər-əs, əb-)
Noisily unruly or defiant: The restaurant owner ejected the obstreperous customer.

[From Latin obstreperus, noisy, from obstrepere, to make a noise against : ob-, against; see ob- + strepere, to make a noise (of imitative origin).]

ob·strep′er·ous·ly adv.
ob·strep′er·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.obstreperousness - noisy defiance
defiance, rebelliousness - intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude




nAufmüpfigkeit f (inf); (of child)Aufsässigkeit f
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Chinese negotiators' obstreperousness might be somewhat palatable if the agreements that resulted were ironclad.
Other Americans accepted immigrants' obstreperousness as the cost of securing necessary skills.
Oh, and bringing up the rear like the Budaiya Road Runner, Wile E Coyote, are the Wefmen, full of bile and obstreperousness - the chance to make a real contribution to Bahrain since 2001, and failing miserably.
Watching today's obstreperousness, I'm gaining a better insight.
He viewed American exuberance, even American obstreperousness, with generosity: "I pardon something to the spirit of liberty.
Instead, only these shards of towns with their Old World names and their New World obstreperousness.