obtrude upon

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Verb1.obtrude upon - to intrude upon, infringe, encroach on, violate; "This new colleague invades my territory"; "The neighbors intrude on your privacy"
come in, enter, get in, go in, go into, move into, get into - to come or go into; "the boat entered an area of shallow marshes"
foray into, raid - enter someone else's territory and take spoils; "The pirates raided the coastal villages regularly"
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No--there is something else concerning which I should like to write to you, but am afraid to obtrude upon your notice.
People have to enter into the plaza -- it doesn't obtrude upon the city as an open public space.
The text encodes (Smith, 1995:23ff) normalcy as the expected but taken-for-granted ground for the "we-the-normals" experience, an experience that does not usually obtrude upon one's consciousness.