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 (ŏb-tro͞o′sĭv, -zĭv, əb-)
1. Thrusting out; protruding: an obtrusive rock formation.
2. Tending to push self-assertively forward; brash: a spoiled child's obtrusive behavior.
3. Undesirably noticeable: an obtrusive scar.

[From Latin obtrūsus, past participle of obtrūdere, to obtrude; see obtrude.]

ob·tru′sive·ly adv.
ob·tru′sive·ness n.
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Adv.1.obtrusively - in an obtrusive manner
unobtrusively - in an unobtrusive manner; "messengers were moving unobtrusively over the jet-black mountain ranges, bearing confidential tidings from sheikhdom to sheikhdom"
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tolakodó módon
ágengur, uppáòrengjandi


[əbˈtruːsɪvlɪ] ADV [do sth] → de (una) forma que resulta molesta
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adv(zu) auffällig; smellpenetrant
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[əbˈtruːsɪvlɪ] advin modo invadente
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(əbˈtruːsiv) adjective
(negative unobtrusive) too noticeable. Loud music can be very obtrusive.
obˈtrusively adverb
obˈtrusiveness noun
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References in classic literature ?
To employ such license at all obtrusively is, no doubt, grotesque; but in any mode of poetic diction there must be moderation.
Kitty and Levin would be of the party, and that this might not be obtrusively evident, there would be a girl cousin too, and young Shtcherbatsky, and la piece de resistance among the guests--Sergey Koznishev and Alexey Alexandrovitch.
To speak plainly, the fellow had, in spite of his grinning, an audacious and sinister kind of face; and as he curvetted right into the village, the old stumpy appearance of his pumps excited no little suspicion; and many a burgher who beheld him that day would have given a trifle for a peep beneath the white cambric handkerchief which hung so obtrusively from the pocket of his swallow-tailed coat.
From the ceiling, foreshortened Allegory, in the person of one impossible Roman upside down, points with the arm of Samson (out of joint, and an odd one) obtrusively toward the window.
Now for our little tableau!" Ida pushed the champagne bottles obtrusively forward, in the direction of the door, and scattered oyster shells over the cloth.
There, were many whose shillings had gone into his pocket to buy him meat and drink; but none who were now obtrusively Hail fellow well met!
The performances of the other gentlemen were obtrusively imbecile.
It is not pleasant to see an American thrusting his nationality forward obtrusively in a foreign land, but Oh, it is pitiable to see him making of himself a thing that is neither male nor female, neither fish, flesh, nor fowl--a poor, miserable, hermaphrodite Frenchman!
In his evening clothes the newcomer was no longer obtrusively American.
Yes, it was HE, and no mistake, with his six feet of length arranged in a sitting attitude; with his dark travelling surtout with its velvet collar, his gray pantaloons, his black stock, and his face, the most original one Nature ever modelled, yet the least obtrusively so; not one feature that could be termed marked or odd, yet the effect of the whole unique.
She, on the other hand, though devoted and faithful, was less obtrusively affectionate.
Four silver wine-coolers, each furnished with four staring heads, each head obtrusively carrying a big silver ring in each of its ears, conveyed the sentiment up and down the table, and handed it on to the pot- bellied silver salt-cellars.