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 (ŏb-tro͞o′sĭv, -zĭv, əb-)
1. Thrusting out; protruding: an obtrusive rock formation.
2. Tending to push self-assertively forward; brash: a spoiled child's obtrusive behavior.
3. Undesirably noticeable: an obtrusive scar.

[From Latin obtrūsus, past participle of obtrūdere, to obtrude; see obtrude.]

ob·tru′sive·ly adv.
ob·tru′sive·ness n.
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Noun1.obtrusiveness - an unwelcome conspicuousness
conspicuousness - high visibility
unobtrusiveness - the quality of not sticking out in an unwelcome way
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göze batma


n (of person)Aufdringlichkeit f; (of smell also)Penetranz f; (of appearance, dress, building)Auffälligkeit f
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(əbˈtruːsiv) adjective
(negative unobtrusive) too noticeable. Loud music can be very obtrusive.
obˈtrusively adverb
obˈtrusiveness noun
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They buzz around thee also with their praise: obtrusiveness, is their praise.
Yates, without discernment to catch Sir Thomas's meaning, or diffidence, or delicacy, or discretion enough to allow him to lead the discourse while he mingled among the others with the least obtrusiveness himself, would keep him on the topic of the theatre, would torment him with questions and remarks relative to it, and finally would make him hear the whole history of his disappointment at Ecclesford.
He stood as opposed to Captain Wentworth, in all his own unwelcome obtrusiveness; and the evil of his attentions last night, the irremediable mischief he might have done, was considered with sensations unqualified, unperplexed.
They argue that content analysis has the advantage of obtrusiveness as the researcher can analyse without being observed.
Other features that could affect the overall impression are the obtrusiveness and/or aptness of advertisements, usability of indexes and/or search tools, issue-wise article listings, etc.
The obtrusiveness of the allusion, made more so by quotation marks, is puzzling: if this is not crucially a poem about war, why has the allegory been set up so neatly?
Contrary to the obtrusiveness of EMG-based approaches, analysis of facial behavior based on automated visual methods can be performed remotely and without physical contact.
Westerterp, "Estimation of free-living energy expenditure using a novel activity monitor designed to minimize obtrusiveness," Obesity, vol.
Subsequently, Abacha symbolises this, and his obtrusiveness into the political sphere ostensibly documents the slippery Nigerian political terrain.
Our method has the advantage of reducing the obtrusiveness to the target object, while maintaining for detecting signals.
In the plain and edge areas of the image, watermarking energy must be smaller to avoid watermark obtrusiveness, and textured areas, instead, must receive further treatment to enhance the visibility of the watermark.