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 (ŏb′tə-rāt′, -tyə-)
tr.v. ob·tu·rat·ed, ob·tu·rat·ing, ob·tu·rates
To close or obstruct.

[Latin obtūrāre, obtūrāt-; see teuə- in Indo-European roots.]

ob′tu·ra′tion n.


n. obturación, obstrucción o bloqueo de un pasaje.
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For instance, March, 2019 FKG Dentaire SA launched TotalFill BC Sealer HiFlow for endodontic obturation. Compared to standard TotalFill BC Sealer, TotalFill BC Sealer HiFlow exhibits a lower viscosity when heated and is more radiopaque, making it optimized for warm obturation techniques.
Instruments segment are further classified into endodontic scalers & lasers, motors, apex locators, machine assisted obturation systems and others.
Switching to a reciprocating file system such as WaveOne Gold, can make preparation of the root canal faster, safer and more predictable, reducing chairside time and allowing more time for disinfection with irrigants and subsequent obturation of the root canal space.
A successful root canal therapy requires complete removal of the pulp followed by thorough cleaning, shaping and obturation of the root canal system so that the tooth may maintain its integrity as a functional unit within the dental arch.
After 7 days, post obturation coronoradicular restoration and reattachment of the fractured fragments were done by using bonding system (Single Bond Universal, 3M ESPE, Multi-Purpose Adhesive) and nanocomposite adhesive restorative material (Filtek Z350 XT, 3M ESPE).
The quality of the seal depends on sealer's ability to consistently fill the space between the obturation material (e.g., gutta percha) and root canal, but also to fill root canal aberrancies and to penetrate into the lateral canals and dentinal tubules (2-4).
Objective: To determine the pain of single versus multiple visit endodontic treatment after obturation in teeth with necrotic pulps and infected canals.
The treatment consists of extirpation of the infected pulp tissue, removal of debris from the canal and obturation with resolvable antibacterial paste (2).
Caption: Figure 4: Post-operative IOPA radiograph showing complete obturation of 46
Three-dimensional obturation of the root canal using injection-molded, thermoplasticized dental guttapercha.
It presents some advantages easy to handle, can be used as a provisional coronal obturation, timesaving and better cost effectiveness.
A dental microscope can provide significant visualization benefits at all stages of endodontic treatment, from diagnosis and exposure of the access cavity to preparation, and from three-dimensional obturation to post endodontic management.