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 (ŏb′tə-rāt′, -tyə-)
tr.v. ob·tu·rat·ed, ob·tu·rat·ing, ob·tu·rates
To close or obstruct.

[Latin obtūrāre, obtūrāt-; see teuə- in Indo-European roots.]

ob′tu·ra′tion n.


n. obturación, obstrucción o bloqueo de un pasaje.
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9 Gutmann JL, Saunders WP, Saunders EM, Nguyen L An assessment of the plastic Thermafil obturation technique.
Due to some disadvantages, Gutta-percha, amalgam, GIC, composite resin, were not used nowadays as Gutta-percha has a poor sealing ability as it has to be used with a sealer during obturation.
14 The labial straight line access has also facilitated the application of warm vertical compaction technique procedures to ensure 3D obturation of the root canal system.
Nonsurgical endodontic retreatment of advanced inflammatory external root resorption using mineral trioxide aggregate obturation.
Comparison of Sealer-Dentin Interface in two Obturation Techniques: Lateral and Mixed Hybrid Condensation
Of the 50 root canal samples, 31 (62%) teeth had recurrent caries, 39 (78%) had inadequate obturation, 35 (70%) had coronal leakage, and 33 (66%) had oral communication with the lesion.
The success of endodontic treatment is keenly correlated to the exploration of the entire root canal system, thorough cleansing (mechanical as well as chemical) followed by obturation of prepared root canal system using inert filling materials and a sealant.
Obturation techniques involving gutta-percha plasticization have shown the greatest efficiency in filling root canal systems.
Vizgirda et al [7] compared hot gutta-percha and lateral condensation technique with obturation of the root canal with only MTA and concluded that gutta-percha has a better apical seal compared to MTA [7].
The case, which is part of a loaded round that enters the chamber undersized, is caused to expand to the size of the chamber upon firing due to the pressures generated by the burning powder, a temporary situation called obturation.
L'asphyxie par gaz butane a fait 14 deces, 53 autres personnes sont mortes par la propagation de gaz carbonique, 50 ont ete asphyxiees par obturation des voies respiratoires et 18 autres decedes par confinement d'air dans les puits.