obtuse angle

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obtuse angle
Angle AOB is an obtuse angle.

obtuse angle

An angle greater than 90° and less than 180°.

obtuse′ an′gle

an angle greater than 90° but less than 180°.
ob•tuse′-an′gled, adj.

ob·tuse angle

An angle whose measure is between 90° and 180°. Compare acute angle.
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Noun1.obtuse angle - an angle between 90 and 180 degreesobtuse angle - an angle between 90 and 180 degrees
oblique angle - an angle that is not a right angle or a multiple of a right angle
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The clavarium, base of skull and orbital rims were dense, widened sutures with intra sutural wormian bones, small facial bones with hypoplastic maxillae and obtuse angle of mandible (Fig.
OVER the past few years, Michael Calvin has established himself as an accomplished writer of sporting tomes (this is no surprise to anyone who has enjoyed his articles in the national press), usually by looking at the beautiful game from an often obtuse angle.
The frequency calculated for the sample in photographic assessment of nasolabial angle (T4) showed that 2 patients had a very obtuse nasolabial angle, 21 had an obtuse angle, 24 had 90deg angle, 34 had acute and 19 had a very acute nasolabial angle as shown in Table 2.
In a sing-song voice, David chants, "A right angle is 90 degrees, a straight angle is 180 degrees, an acute angle is less than 90 degrees, and an obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.
A man's shout echoes, forms an obtuse angle with the black of the street, while someone says grace behind closed doors.
5 Cms Obtuse Angle Crossings For Diamond With And Without Slips Bg 1673Mm For 52Kg On Psc Sleeper Conforming To Rdso Drg No.
1); in profile, vertex and frontal costa forming rounded obtuse angle.
The legs were wide apart, the left thigh at right angles to the trunk and the right forming an obtuse angle with the pubes.
It is based on the definition of the sines, separately divided into acute angle, right angle and obtuse angle and connection with the circumscribed circle is not mentioned at all.
The Smarter Stand needed to be a bit larger to hold the iPhone 5 at a more obtuse angle, as the current setup is far too horizontal for easy viewing unless you're standing up.
Column forming an obtuse angle with the ovary, straight, dorsiventrally compressed, oblongcuneate, white suffused with dark brown, ventrally shallowly sulcate and densely papillose, 6-8 mm long, 2.
When told that they do not know their obtuse angle from their elbow, they smoulder for the rest of the period and hand in classwork executed in a slapdash devil-may-care attitude.