obtuse-angled triangle

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Noun1.obtuse-angled triangle - a triangle that contains an obtuse interior angleobtuse-angled triangle - a triangle that contains an obtuse interior angle
triangle, trigon, trilateral - a three-sided polygon
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From the previous exercise it is seen that there are only two shapes; a small right-angled triangle within one square with side lengths (1, 1, [square root of (2)]) and an obtuse-angled triangle with side lengths (l, [square root of (2)], [square root of (5)]).
This book is something different, an effort to explore the entrepreneurial aspects of a late nineteenth-century interstate roadway network in southwest Kansas, northwest Oklahoma, and the Texas panhandle-an obtuse-angled triangle roughly 200 by 100 by 150 miles in extent, its apex at Dodge City and its sides terminating at Tascosa and Mobeetie, Texas.
Examples given in the worksheet covered all types of triangles: acute-angled triangles, right-angled triangles, and obtuse-angled triangles were given.