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obverse (top) and reverse (bottom) of a Polish zloty coin


 (ŏb-vûrs′, əb-, ŏb′vûrs′)
1. Facing or turned toward the observer: the obverse side of a statue.
2. Serving as a counterpart or complement.
n. (ŏb′vûrs′, ŏb-vûrs′, əb-)
1. The side of a coin, medal, or badge that bears the principal stamp or design.
2. The more conspicuous of two possible alternatives, cases, or sides: the obverse of this issue.
3. Logic The counterpart of a proposition obtained by exchanging the affirmative for the negative quality of the whole proposition and then negating the predicate: The obverse of "Every act is predictable" is "No act is unpredictable."

[Latin obversus, past participle of obvertere, to turn toward; see obvert.]

ob·verse′ly adv.
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(29) Reflecting on set theory, we already touched upon an empty set, introducing the sole subobject of an object, which we we can now relate to the concept of abstract labour, or obversely: use value of labour force.
Obversely, every year, about $750 billion (Dh2.75 trillion) worth of food is wasted globally.
Similarly, arterial and LV elastance were obversely correlated--inversely with NTproBNP and positively with NTproCNP (Table 4).
obversely, what sorts of behaviors constitute infringement unless
Obversely cross grandkin terms may be used for cross-cousins, in some cases as overlays.
Obversely, when meetings primarily center on abstract theories--or even maxims such as "Don't smile before Christmas"--they emphasize formal concepts, principles that are divorced from the lived details of teaching.
Dogmatism, obversely, consists not just in expressing one's opinions with positive conviction but in the unwillingness or refusal to offer evidence for them or to consider objections with a view to revising them.
Or obversely, why some ministries have exceeded their budgets without proper process and due diligence, according to the rules.
Obversely, she sees it as equally urgent that Western caricatures of Islam and of Muslim persons are eroded by means of honest and wholesome dialogue between the cultures, between persons, and between the value systems each holds.
Obversely, the biggest chal- lenge such an arrangement provides would be economic.
Obversely, if the majority were opposed to the policy, in the absence of such a policy, public opinion and the local government position were considered to be in agreement (i.e., consistent).