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tr.v. ob·vi·at·ed, ob·vi·at·ing, ob·vi·ates
To keep from happening or render unnecessary. See Synonyms at prevent.

[Latin obviāre, obviāt-, to hinder, from obvius, in the way; see obvious.]

ob′vi·a′tion n.
ob′vi·a′tor n.
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Adj.1.obviating - made impossible
preventative, preventive - tending to prevent or hinder
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This reflection must have great weight in obviating that objection to the proposed plan, which is founded on the principle of expense; an objection, however, which, when we come to take a nearer view of it, will appear in every light to stand on mistaken ground.
Though with your usual anxiety for our happiness," said Elinor, "you have been obviating every impediment to the present scheme which occurred to you, there is still one objection which, in my opinion, cannot be so easily removed.
It had, to my mind, the great merit of obviating the necessity of a second separation from my mother--assuming that she approved of the doctor's advice.
As a result, adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells could potentially offer breast cancer patients the option to use their own cells to restore a natural breast contour following surgery, obviating the need for an implant or complicated surgical procedure.
The metadata which was formerly managed at the host by the host agent is loaded into flash memory at the intelligent port, obviating the need for host-based software.
Obviating the need for conventional fittings, its nooks and surfaces can be used as display units, shelves, tables or seating.
Agrawal, but powdered metals absorb rather than reflect the energy, obviating the sparking problem.
The additional time will permit employers to submit more accurate information on magnetic tapes or diskettes at the same time similar information is submitted to the federal government, obviating the filing of corrected forms and minimizing inconsistencies in the information submitted to the Commonwealth and the federal government.
In fact, in many buildings, mail was hand-delivered to each tenant, obviating the need for a mailroom.