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tr.v. ob·vi·at·ed, ob·vi·at·ing, ob·vi·ates
To keep from happening or render unnecessary. See Synonyms at prevent.

[Latin obviāre, obviāt-, to hinder, from obvius, in the way; see obvious.]

ob′vi·a′tion n.
ob′vi·a′tor n.
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Noun1.obviation - the act of preventing something by anticipating and disposing of it effectively
prevention, bar - the act of preventing; "there was no bar against leaving"; "money was allocated to study the cause and prevention of influenza"
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The search actions were part of the department's continued drive against use of black money by disruptive elements in the J-K state , the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) said in a press release adding that the operations also send a message of deterrence and obviation to those intending to vitiate the democratic process of free and fair elections.
The obviation of the alienation from psychic life itself, and the empowerment of consciousness in a much broader sense of the term, gives rise to the expression of autonomy at a personal level.
This is not to argue for their obviation. On the contrary, more flexibility and expanded pedagogical practices as advocated by John Dewey would allow these teachers to connect their students to vital scientific ideas and facts in a way that is meaningful and useful for students.
Our case report describes resolution of GI bleeding and obviation of the need for multiple blood transfusions following initiation of sirolimus therapy.
Peer-reviewed, revised, and edited from presentations, 21 papers address Slavic linguistics from such perspectives as surface phonotactics in morphology: ongoing change in the Belarusian noun declension, three kinds of "homogeneous" patterns of Czech numerals: a phrasal spell out account, island obviation in contrasting fragment answers: evidence from Bulgarian li-questions, Slavic-induced syntactic changes in Yiddish: a parametric account, and frequency distributions as faithless targets: why Bulgarians feminized Turkish nouns.
From complementarity to obviation: on dissolving the boundaries between social and biological anthropology, archaeology and psychology.
Also the total obviation of an open approach led to less blood loss, faster healing, and less morbidity and scarring.
While the outer sections inhabit fifth-based tonality (they modulate to the subdominant and conclude in the tonic), the B section inhabits a tonal universe that, thanks to neo-Riemannian theory, has come to be defined by its obviation of a tonal center.
is central to understanding engineering, for engineering design has as its first and foremost objective the obviation of failure.
The obviation of the law is often more facile to realize than corruption of governments.
The first form of accommodation is obviation. If the need for offending behavior is eliminated, the dilemma simply disappears.