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1. occasional.
2. occasionally.
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occas "What we want is the best opportunity to qualify.
David Powell, skipper of President for the historic occas sion, said: "What a marvellous day and President really did us proud.
It was in the years when these responsibilities wound down that women could turn to intellectual pursuits, from the writing of the occas ional poem to the demanding anthologies of women poets and historical figures compiled by Mann's chief example, Wanyan Yun Zhu.
After charming eve the royal weddin job now seem simpering for th while occas displaying on wretched book If Pippa ha twice the siz Christian Lo peep-toe she would leaf out Queen An he pro If Pippa had an IQ twice the size of her Christian Louboutin peep-toe pumps, she would take a leaf out of the Queen's book.
It was noticeable on each occasion that many of the tourists from all over Winkle w sweet ache visit form Haw Distr was occa the to the world gathered there were Japanese.
uk, PS10 PS10 PENDANT Mutto unfold Mutto unfold pendant, Occa pendant, Occa Home, www.
The publication, which will be jointly owned by the FSCT and OCCA, will be produced, marketed and distributed by Springer Science + Business Media LLC (Springer), a well-respected international publisher of technical journals including a number of other association-sponsored journals such as JCTR.
Although he is insured with NFU Mutual Ken lost out on the ATV's because on the first occa - sion he left the keys in the ignition and on the second the bike was left outside.
aTE Sinking to the occa i sion Donald yet to occasion, Donald - yet to win a Major - accepted the Association of Golf Writers' 2011 player of the year award with the aplomb of a public speaker with a glittering future behind him.