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a. occipitoparietal, rel. a los huesos y lóbulos occipital y parietal.
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Parietal (16.5%), frontal (15.2%), and frontoparietal (10.1%) locations were most commonly involved followed by occipitoparietal (6.3%), fronto-occipital (3.8%), cerebellar (2.5%), temporal (2.5%), and occipital (2.5%) locations.
(51, 53) As a base for these disorders, a decrease in blood flow in the occipitoparietal visual association area was detected in PD patients without dementia.
The cortical visual system is known to be segregated into two anatomically and functionally distinct pathways: a ventral occipitotemporal pathway that subserves object perception and a dorsal occipitoparietal pathway that subserves object localization and visually guided action [29-31].
She had a contusion in her left occipitoparietal region without extensive bruising or deformity.
Clinically, infants with DP most often present with ipsilateral frontal bossing, ipsilateral occipitoparietal flattening, contralateral occipital bossing, and ipsilateral displacement of the ear anteriorly.
The first system expands from the area 17 (primary-visual cortex) over the dorsal visual route towards the areas of the upper temporal lobe and the parietal lobe (occipitoparietal projection system).
Even though pathophysiological data are scarce, on theoretical basis we can reason that the unbalance between primary and secondary cortices may be attributed to a local irritative activity produced by infections, with possible developing of electrical phenomena, as epileptiform seizures and/or CSD, as suggested by reports [65] in which local occipitoparietal intermittent slowing of EEG was found in patients with AIWS, together with CSF leukocytosis, during the acute phase of the disturbance.
This is also seen in the ERD/ERS patterns as a strong desynchronization in low and high [alpha] as well as low [beta] in the occipitoparietal regions and part of the prefrontal regions.
The patient's medical situation progressively worsened and follow-up CT scan of the brain revealed development of new hypodensities noted in the right posterior occipitoparietal, left occipital, and bilateral frontal regions.