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v. oc·clud·ed, oc·clud·ing, oc·cludes
1. To cause to become closed; obstruct: occlude an artery.
2. To prevent the passage of: occlude light; occlude the flow of blood.
3. Chemistry To absorb or adsorb and retain (a substance).
4. To force (air) upward from the earth's surface, as when a cold front overtakes and undercuts a warm front.
5. To bring together (the upper and lower teeth) in proper alignment for chewing.
To close so that the cusps fit together. Used of the teeth of the upper and lower jaws.

[Latin occlūdere : ob-, intensive pref.; see ob- + claudere, to close.]

oc·clud′ent adj.
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Adj.1.occluded - closed off; "an occluded artery"
obstructed - shut off to passage or view or hindered from action; "a partially obstructed passageway"; "an obstructed view"; "justice obstructed is not justice"
2.occluded - (of a substance) taken into and retained in another substance; "the sorbed oil mass"; "large volumes of occluded hydrogen in palladium"
combined - made or joined or united into one
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Long since, he thought; and then, casting his eye through the front glass, which had been recently occluded by the figure of the jarvey, he beheld the tree-tops of the rookery in Randolph Crescent.
So, on the basis of results of this study it can be recommended that patients with chronic totally occluded coronary artery lesions should be treated with PCI whenever the facilities are available and duration of CAD is less than six months.
We aimed to share a rare procedure in the literature because we used a trans-brachial approach for carotid artery stenting due to bilaterally occluded femoral arteries.
Statistical analysis was performed between normal and occluded digits.
While shoveling snow or working on your house in the cold is safe for most healthy individuals, the sudden exertion for an individual with undiagnosed heart disease could precipitate a heart attack or angina (chest pain from a partially occluded artery to the heart).
The total number of tubules and the number of occluded tubules were counted in each photomicrograph of all specimens.
Recanalization well-defined as the return of blood flow to the venous segment that had been occluded. Get Free Sample Report here- https://www.factmr.com/connectus/sample?flag=S&rep_id=1133 Accumulation of mucus or debris forming a plug in the proximal portion of the fallopian tube that causes fallopian tube occlusion.
Although the aforementioned occlusion materials have been reported to provide some relief to patients, the dentine tubules occluded by some of these materials are reported to be superficial with limited infiltration depth-which could be readily re-exposed in an acidic environment.
He added that the European Union (EU) was "dissatisfied" with the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, formally the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) occluded by Iran and the world powers in Vienna in 2015.
The old occluded circulation (Figure 3(a), x = -63, y = 28) and the associated precipitation core (Figure 3(b)) were located northwest of the new, organizing mesocyclone (Figure 3(a), x = -53, y = 24) consistent with a stage 3 structure in the conceptual model of Beck et al.
Also, the cipher image which is occluded 50% is used to test the robustness of the encryption approach against occlusion attacks.