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Long since, he thought; and then, casting his eye through the front glass, which had been recently occluded by the figure of the jarvey, he beheld the tree-tops of the rookery in Randolph Crescent.
The FlowTriever offered an efficient, minimally invasive treatment and rapidly restored blood flow in the occluded vessel.
A left heart cath, revealed the culprit lesion to be a totally occluded left circumflex artery.
Computed tomography (CT) of the chest revealed the presence of a soft-tissue mass in the trachea and significant compromise of the tracheal lumen; almost 80% of the lumen surface was occluded (figure 1).
Although our experience is small, we are encouraged by the ability to successfully stent severely stenotic and even occluded pulmonary arteries and veins.
In its occluded illumination we can make out a shriveled tree, as stark as seaweed, and beside it a pale rock.
Over the next year, 11 of the 16 patients receiving untreated vessels experienced blockages that occluded at least three-fourths of the blood flow in the graft.
Schmid has relocated Ohno's vignettes of beautiful women in lavish costumes into landscapes that range from an occluded yet sparkling shoreside fantasy to the home of Ohno and his wife, where the camera glimpses a poster of the venerable La Argentina.
Cleaner15[TM] technology is indicated for mechanical declotting of occluded native vessel dialysis fistulae and synthetic dialysis access grafts.
The Phase 3 trial, known as SONOMA-3 (Speedy Opening of Non-functional and Occluded catheters with Mini-dose Alfimeprase-3), is the second of two overlapping, multi-national trials in the Phase 3 alfimeprase program for CO.
If you mistook this dull picture for one of Opie's equally uninventive, more occluded, blizzardy icehouse photos, would it make any difference?