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 (ə-klo͞o′zəl, -səl)
Of or relating to occlusions of the teeth, especially the chewing or biting surfaces: occlusal wear.


(əˈklu səl, -zəl)
1. pertaining to the occlusion of the teeth.
2. designating or pertaining to the surface of a tooth that meets the surface of an opposing tooth in occlusion.
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As previously written about in the Examiner newspaper it is very important to replace missing back teeth even if it is only a single molar as the remaining teeth tilt into the gap and the tooth opposite overgrows creating occlusal disharmony which is detrimental to the longevity of the remaining teeth.
IO may lead to food packing, over-eruption of teeth in the opposing arch and subsequent occlusal disharmony and restorative problems.