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 (ə-klo͞o′zəl, -səl)
Of or relating to occlusions of the teeth, especially the chewing or biting surfaces: occlusal wear.


(əˈklu səl, -zəl)
1. pertaining to the occlusion of the teeth.
2. designating or pertaining to the surface of a tooth that meets the surface of an opposing tooth in occlusion.
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MBF seems to provide useful information for objective evaluation of occlusion/16) but few studies have primarily been based on subjects without morphological and functional occlusal disturbances.
In the present study, occlusal disturbances of the patients was assessed preoperatively and postoperatively and was graded as, minor, severe or no disturbance.
This is because of mild occlusal disturbances that are difficult to detect clinically and would require advanced imaging techniques for proper radiological diagnosis.