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 (ə-klo͞o′zəl, -səl)
Of or relating to occlusions of the teeth, especially the chewing or biting surfaces: occlusal wear.


(əˈklu səl, -zəl)
1. pertaining to the occlusion of the teeth.
2. designating or pertaining to the surface of a tooth that meets the surface of an opposing tooth in occlusion.
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1-3] The imaging objectives aid the clinician in providing the cross-sectional views of the dental arch for visualization of spatial relationship of anatomic structures of the maxilla and mandible, the quality and quantity of available bone, the presence of infrabony lesions, the occlusal pattern, and the number and size of implants as well as prosthesis design, all which are essential for successful implant treatment planning and evaluation of the ongoing implant functioning.
Prefabricated and hot mounted thermoplastic sheets were used to construct temporary or perma- nent diagnostic occlusal splints6 where Acrylic resin are added to the occlusal surface of these sheets to modify the occlusal pattern and restoring the occlu- sal parameters to allow the masticatory apparatus to adapt.