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Noun1.occupation licence - a license to pursue a particular occupation
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
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A letter by the Kenya Railways was addressed to all tenants with temporary occupation licence and short lease along Akamba line road and on Lwangni beach.
And before opening, applicants also need to apply for a separate house in multiple occupation licence covering security, management and plans to prevent anti-social behaviour.
Schoolteacher Fox, of Elmsley Road, Mossley Hill, admitted failing to get a House of Multiple Occupation licence for the property at a hearing at Liverpool Magistrates' Court.
House in multiple occupation licence House in multiple occupation licence (Scotland) House-to-house charitable collections licence (Northern Ireland) House-to-house collection licence (England and Wales) Licence Finder Licence to possess or sell drug precursor chemicals Music licence for theatrical productions Poisons licence - Hmmmm tempting.
But following his conviction for drugs in 2006, Mr Clark lost his multiple occupation licence and was forced to put the paperwork in his wife's name.
The Houses in Multiple Occupation Licence is compulsory for certain types of accommodation, including bed-sits and houses where unrelated tenants share facilities.
At least four of the 10 properties rented by Davitt's firm should have multiple occupation licence s paperwork to protect against rogue landlords who cram as many tenants as possible into flats.
He said fish farmers are given a temporary occupation licence (TOL) for areas in the sea to set up their cages.
The forgery charges relate to the alleged creation of "false instruments," namely notices of proposal to grant a house of multiple occupation licence for each development alongside a completion certificate for Alexander Terrace.
There's a lot of legislation that surrounds multiple occupation, you have got to have a House in Multiple Occupation licence to do that.