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Noun1.occupation license - a license to pursue a particular occupation
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
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Moving "forward and upward" by getting formal education on site from kindergarten, learning new skills such as electronics repair, and engaging in meaningful employment is among the conditions for staying in Koroipita, under an "occupation license" that every household head must sign.
The CP notes are payable from a subordinate lien on the city's share of the local government sales tax (LGST) received from the state and excise tax revenues levied by the city, which are comprised of an occupation license tax, utility service tax and communications service tax.
1 understand there is a $1000 per year Occupation License if we have over $500,000 gross sales.
Residents must sign an "occupation license" committing to abide by rules such as keeping children in school, and must demonstrate progress on a "family advancement plan" through education and learning of livelihood skills.
He also hoped that the state government would impose a low Temporary Occupation License (TOL) charge on fishery jetties in Selangor.