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The Occupational Disease subspecialty program has been available in five medical faculties for the last years.
However, Loizou says, the problem is that in Cyprus there are two different laws in force since 2007 which consequently establish two separate lists of acknowledged occupational diseases, and thus two separate categories of insured persons.
In conclusion, we would like to recommend separating the socio-economic and commercial aspects from the scientific i.e., histopathological data in the "biopersistence debate." For compensation claims, all diagnostic tools should be utilized before occupational disease under section 4104 is rejected.
So far, 99 lawsuits have been filed seeking damages for occupational diseases, and 29 have been successful, it said.
'An occupational disease is defined as an abnormal condition or disorder other than one resulting from an occupational injury caused by exposure over a period of time to risk factors associated with work activity, such as contact with certain chemicals, inhaling coal dust, carrying out repetitive movements, etc.,' the PSA said.
For purposes of clarity, California defines the date of injury for occupational disease or cumulative injuries as "that date upon which the employee first suffered disability therefrom and either knew, or in the exercise of reasonable diligence should have known, that such disability was caused by his present or prior employment."
Chronic obstructive bronchitis (averagely 1 case a year during the last 10 years) which is extremely rarely diagnosed as an occupational disease, despite a high risk of occurrence of this pathology among those working in agriculture as referred to in other studies, draws attention [23-25].
Vasilescu (2004), Evaluarea riscurilor de accidentare si imbolnavire profesionala (Risk Assessment of Injury and Occupational Disease).
Industries where employees are more exposed to hazards and occupational diseases include coal industries, industrial gases, ceramic & glass, cement and other allied calcium and magnesium Industries, salt and sodium compound industries, alkali & acid, paints, leather, rubber, explosive, petrochemicals, dyes, iron & steel, nuclear industries, fertilizer.
This number must be considered in the context of occupational disease which is manifested well into retirement, although they are recorded as today's fatalities.
Key words: musculoskeletal disorders, occupational diseases, ergonomics

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