ocean perch

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ocean perch

1. See redfish.
2. A rockfish (Sebastes alutus) of the North Pacific, having a light red body and valued as a food fish.



n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
1. Also called ocean perch, rosefish. a North Atlantic rockfish, Sebastes marinus, used for food.
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Noun1.ocean perch - North Atlantic rockfishocean perch - North Atlantic rockfish    
rockfish - the lean flesh of any of various valuable market fish caught among rocks
2.ocean perch - large fish of northern Atlantic coasts of America and Europe
rockfish - marine food fish found among rocks along the northern coasts of Europe and America
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200-500 mg: Other canned tuna, skipjack tuna, Alaskan pollock, Pacific rockfish, all clams, crab, lobster, snapper, grouper, flounder/sole, ocean perch, squid.
com 11:00am Fish Frenzy On Thursday, the newest branch of Manhattan Fish Market in Al Khuwair is offering Hake and Ocean Perch fish and chips baskets for just OMR 1.
Abstract--In the Aleutian Islands, patterns of distribution and abundance of Pacific ocean perch (Sebastes alutus) are influenced by oceanographic processes and biogenic structures.
Cod, sea bass, and ocean perch are also being taken by several party boats at the Rhode Island cod grounds.
Fans of sea bass species, salmon, halibut, and ocean perch more frequently purchased fluorocarbon.
based, 154-store regional retailer signed on to carry seven of the new Orca Bay branded seafood items: Mahi Mahi, Keta Salmon, Flounder, Tilapia, Ocean Perch, Cod Fillets and Swordfish.
The other five products in the 10-ounce line, which was introduced at the 2009 International Boston Seafood Show in March, are Ahi Tuna, Ocean Perch, Cod Fillets, Swordfish and Halibut in traditional vacuum packaging.
They are commercially important because they include such species as the ocean perch, environmentally important because their distribution indicates the health of their waters, and scientifically important because as yet will still have much to learn about their life histories, population dynamics, growth, genetic populations structure and numbers.
The disappearance of plankton led to a drop in the ocean perch and herring they sustained.
According to the company, Southern Style Biscuit Batter[TM], Catfish and Ocean Perch fillets, are an exclusive, Icelandic[R] USA, product innovation.
Vertebrate fauna encountered were typical of fauna found on similar substrate in the GOA, and included arrowtooth flounder, Atheresthes stomias, and other unidentified flatfishes; spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias; schools of adult Pacific ocean perch, Sebastes alutus; and rougheye rockfish, Sebastes aleutianus, (the two species could not be distinguished underwater); pricklebacks (Stichaeidae); eelpouts (Zoarcidae); and poachers (Agonidae).
Seven species of rockfish, including bocaccio, canary rockfish, cowcod, darkblotched rockfish, Pacific ocean perch, widow rockfish and yelloweye rockfish, have been declared overfished by federal officials in recent years.

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