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Noun1.ocellated turkey - wild turkey of Central America and northern South America
gallinacean, gallinaceous bird - heavy-bodied largely ground-feeding domestic or game birds
Agriocharis, genus Agriocharis - a genus of birds of the family Meleagrididae including the ocellated turkey
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Cougar-prey spatial association: Analyses of the associations between cougars and the 26 photographed species (potential prey and co-predators) determined that opossum (Didelphis sp.), armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), ocellated turkey (Meleagris ocellata), red brocket deer (Mazama temama), and collared peccary (Pecari tajacu) ([chi square] > 3.84, [alpha] < 0.05) had significant associations with the cougar.
I have, however, seen its cousin, the much rarer and more localized Ocellated Turkey. I encountered this endemic of Central America's Yucatan Peninsula in the rainforests of Guatema- la.
The Ocellated turkey calls the jungle home, and like our birds it comes out in agriculture fields to feed when possible.
The good news is there's a lot of other game in the Yucatan jungle: brocket deer and ocellated turkey and odd animals like the coati mundi, agouti, and paca.
Researchers assumed turkey bones previously recovered from Maya sites belonged to the native ocellated turkey, Meleagris ocellata.
The ground floor gallery is packed with items including a brass Buddha, a model of the Empire State Building, a fancy dress outfit representing the River Mersey from 1912, and a display about the first Ocellated Turkey imported into Britain for Christmas, by Lord Derby in 1847.
The bird fauna consists of 333 species representing 63 of the 74 families of birds present in Guatemala, including the ocellated turkey (Agriocharis ocellata), which is in danger of extinction.
Then, in the jungles of southern Mexico and Central America, there's the colorful ocellated turkey. This bird is a different species, Meleagris ocollata.
No, these modest iridescent, beige-tipped feathers are from the ostentatiously plumaged Ocellated Turkey endemic to the Yucatan Peninsular in Mexico and in neighboring Guatemala and Belize.
Tapirs are fairly common; jaguars and ocelots still roam; toucans and monkeys call and chatter overhead; two jungle rodents, the aguti and paca, are fairly plentiful; as is the weird peacock-like ocellated turkey. Days are hot but nights cool pleasantly, and the forest is full of unexcavated Mayan ruins.
Eduardo is working with the local Mayan peoples to create value for wildlife, with hunting focused on plentiful species such as brocket deer, ocellated turkey and peccary, with conservation efforts directed at tapir, jaguar, ocelot and other key jungle species.