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or o·chre  (ō′kər)
1. Any of several earthy mineral oxides of iron occurring in yellow, brown, or red and used as pigments.
2. A moderate orange yellow, from moderate or deep orange to moderate or strong yellow.

[Middle English oker, from Old French ocre, from Late Latin ōcra, from Latin ōchra, from Greek ōkhra, from ōkhros, pale yellow.]

o′cher·ous, o′cher·y (ō′krē) adj.
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Zincken (1825) mentions an ocherous "wad" mixed with siderite which was mined on Harzeburg and in Silberbach in the very early 19th century, but Rumscheidt (1926) writes that "wad" was encountered in the Ilfeld district only on Liesenberg.
Head often ocherous. Antenna pale brown, comparatively long; segment I with a few apical spots at bases of dark stiff setae; base and apex of segment II infuscate; segment III as long as head width across eyes.
In the fall the smoke from their burning changed the world into a blue-swept, ocherous landscape; in the old days it did.
Columned, canopied, the interiors painted with delicate floral patterns, the whole thing has been carved from ocherous marble.
Visually, the movie is very self-aware, with the whole story bathed in an ocherous wash that becomes weaker as the story enters the '90s.