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n. pl. och·loc·ra·cies
Government by the masses; mob rule.

[French ochlocratie, from Greek okhlokratiā : okhlos, mob; see wegh- in Indo-European roots + -kratiā, -cracy.]

och′lo·crat′ (ŏk′lə-krăt′) n.
och′lo·crat′ic, och′lo·crat′i·cal adj.
och′lo·crat′i·cal·ly adv.
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"Attempts to present his rise to power through a coup and the establishment of ochlocratic dictatorship as democracy look ridiculous.
Showing that the polls' explicit rendering of doxa is a threat to democracy, I explain the opposing ochlocratic and autocratic implications of governance by polling.
It is undemocratic, and has its own term: ochlocratic. This is because 'losers' have no voice nor any representation.