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1. of, by, or according to the clock (used in specifying the hour of the day): 11 o'clock.
2. according to a method for indicating a position in space relative to the numbers on a clock's face, with 12 o'clock directly ahead in horizontal position or straight up in vertical position.
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SETH has a SORE TOOTH she kept TABS on the TEA BAGS he had a LATE NIGHT in LENT HOME RULE is HERE it's TEA TIME at the TATE the HIVE BEE feeds on the HEBE plant the rifle TEAM TAKE AIM ALF'S on ALL FOURS TED'S walking on THE DOWNS her FACE LIFT FELT odd they played a FINE TUNE at the FETE she's called the 'MINI SKIRTS MISS' PETE has a PINE TREE in his garden the hermit wanted to STAY SHUT AWAY at TWO OCLOCK, he TOOK a break ROSE NOBLE has a sister RENE play the SAME AGAIN SEAN TAKE the TEA KETTLE not the CORE, but a CAMEO, ROLE LANCE WOOD was LEWD there was an aura of FREE SPIRIT at the FEST did LEAR have a LOVE AFFAIR ?
Mezo and Miss Emma Koerber, well-known young people of our city were quietly united in marriage at seven oclock last evening.
My son Zahid left the house on his Motorcycle on October 4 around 1 oclock in the afternoon but his phone switched off after an hour, his father told The Frontier Post, adding his son was last seen at around 1:45pm in the Bolton market, which is near to their house.
Back home I was going out running the roads at 11, 12 oclock at night while they [friends] were going out.
Fire Relief Department officials belonging to KMC said the fire broke out around six Oclock in the morning in Ghosia warehouse, off Shershah, where shoe material and textile goods had been stored.
My phone rang at 4 oclock early Monday morning, and it was my photographer friend who woke up to answer it.
On the 16th June at 7 oClock in the morning we had the route to march mediately from Grammont in Flanders to oin the Grand Army marched on that day ill 11 oClock at night and halted for about 5 houers next morning march of till about 7 oClock in the Evning the 17th at which time we joined the Army which was in formation for action we imediately found line but nothing dun that night, on the 18th about 10 o'clock the Battle Begun and Continued very hot till about 8 oClock in the evening at which time the French begin to retreat
Public service at Bangor Crematorium on Thursday, 27th of November at 10 oclock. followed by a service of thanksgiving for Selwyns life at Tabernacl Chapel, Dolgellau at 3 oclock.
M.K.Sivjilingham Party's National organizer and others participated in the meeting which commenced on 27th around 12 Oclock in the midday and lasted till 9 pm.
The caption that accompanies the photo says: "Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last nite.
Gas supply to Lahore-Sahiwal zone would be restored from 6 oclock in the morning for two days.