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Having eight plane surfaces.

oc′ta·he′dral·ly adv.


1. (Mathematics) having eight plane surfaces
2. (Mathematics) shaped like an octahedron
ˌoctaˈhedrally adv
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1] and can be assigned to Ti-O stretching vibrations of Ti atoms in octahedral (near 600 [cm.
It has similarity with spinel ferrite (structure) with the fact that both possess same ratio of octahedral and tetrahedral sites.
In all four polymorphs, titanium is coordinated octahedral by oxygen, but the position of octahedral differs between polymorphs.
The inclusions partly showed an octahedral habit, and analysis with a Zeiss DSM 942 scanning electron microscope at the Institute for Gemstone Research, University of Mainz, Germany, identified them as pyrochlore, [(Ca, Na).
3+] occupy the octahedral holes in a brucite-like layer and the anion [A.
Two types of octahedral sheets occur in clay minerals: dioctahedral, where two-thirds of the octahedral sites are occupied by trivalent cations, such as [Al.
1] result from bending and deformation vibrations in octahedral layer (e.
The complexes of acetovaleric acid hydrazone [AVAH], acetylaldehyde valeric acid hydrazone [AAVAH], acetyl isovaleric acid hydrazone [AIVA] and acety aldehyde varaleric acid hydrazone [AAIVAH] complexes with Cu(II) and Ni(II) sulphate have been reported to be of distorted octahedral symmetry with a promising antibacterial activity (4).
Spectra confirm octahedral configuration for Co (II) complex and tetrahedral configuration for Ni (II) complex [22].
Each layer is formed of tetrahedrally coordinated Si atoms fused into an edge-sharing octahedral plane of either alumina or magnesia (4).
Octahedral, pink to rose-red fluorite crystals are historically among the most treasured and sought after of all Alpine minerals.