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I talked a little just now as though I were an octogenarian. Actually, as I said, I am but just gone thirty, and I may reasonably regard life, as the saying is, all before me.
He fired out the Second Reformed Wesleyans, called back the exiles from Samoa, invited in the traders, held a general love-feast, took the lid off, proclaimed religious liberty and high tariff, and as for himself went back to the worship of his ancestors, dug up the idols, reinstated a few octogenarian priests, and observed the tabus.
As it was considered that the Austerlitz success might have been more decisive had the commander in chief not been so young, all our octogenarians were reviewed, and of Prozorovski and Kamenski the latter was preferred.
'Excuse the faintness of my acquiescence, Milicent, I would not discourage your hopes for the world, but mine have been so often disappointed, that I am become as cold and doubtful in my expectations as the flattest of octogenarians.'
Summary: Season three end saw the actress play an octogenarian version of her character
Describing the late octogenarian as 'humble, hardworking, generous, disciplined and God-fearing,' President Buhari applauded his patriotic services to his fatherland, community and humanity.
Elsewhere, an octogenarian woman was found dead in her home in Jabal Amman area in central Amman with multiple stabs to the body.
The octogenarian leader was also scheduled to address the students in the varsity.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Mar 30 (ANI): Octogenarian tribal Congress leader Manikrao Gavit on Saturday said that he and his son will continue to remain with the party.
He said that the octogenarian leaders was once again barred him from offering Friday prayers.
The octogenarian, Giorgos Patera, was reported missing by his daughter who told police he left their home on Tuesday and has not returned.
An octogenarian was killed after a motorcycle driven by a teenager bumped into him in Buenavista town in Quezon province on Saturday, police said Sunday.