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A plural of octopus.
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Last month Navis, a terminal management and marine business technology vendor, acquired Octopi, a vendor of Cloud-based terminal operating systems (TOS) built for small-container and mixed-cargo terminals.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 11, 2019-Cargotec's Navis acquires Octopi TOS
Global Banking News-March 11, 2019-Cargotec's Navis acquires Octopi TOS
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-March 11, 2019-Cargotec's Navis acquires Octopi TOS
"Particularly among invertebrates, octopi are very intelligent, but that intelligence can be defined in different ways," Alan Peters, invertebrate curator at the Smithsonian's National Zoo said about Paul, (https://www.seeker.com/world-cup-octopus-did-it-really-predict-the-future-1765073704.html) Seekers reported.
They crochet adorable octopi that are helping premature babies feel more secure.
Oscar finds that his two arms are not enough to hold all his beloved children, both shark and octopi. However, Oscar is challenged to his limits to care for his 8 youngsters when his Sharkey has to leave to care for an ailing mum.
At least 2 species of large-bodied octopi with small eggs, high fecundity, and pelagic postlarvae occur in the western South Atlantic: Octopus vulgaris (Cuvier 1797) and Octopus insularis (Leite & Haimovici 2008).
Relatively high prices for octopi (compared to the majority of inshore and offshore finfish species landed in the U.S.
The word is "octopus" and the plurals, listed in order of acceptability, are "octopuses," "octopodes," and "octopi." The latter form, which seems to be heard most frequently, is probably frowned upon by the lexicographers because of the grafting of a Latin plural form on a Greek root.
Between chortles they point out the plural of octopus is octopi.
It also includes a guide to keeping octopi in captivity and 32 pages of color photos.