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1. also oc·to·syl·lab·ic (ŏk′tō-sĭ-lăb′ĭk)
a. A line of verse containing eight syllables.
b. A poem having eight syllables in each line.
2. A word of eight syllables.

oc′to·syl·lab′ic adj.
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(ˌɒk toʊ sɪˈlæb ɪk)

1. consisting of or pertaining to eight syllables.
2. an octosyllable.
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Adj.1.octosyllabic - having or characterized by or consisting of eight syllables
syllabic - consisting of a syllable or syllables
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[ˈɒktəʊsɪˈlæbɪk] ADJoctosílabo
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I did not make literature of the Greeks, but I got a whole tragedy out of the Romans; it was a rhymed tragedy, and in octosyllabic verse, like the "Lady of the Lake." I meant it to be acted by my schoolmates, but I am not sure that I ever made it known to them.
Andrew Marvell, a very moderate Puritan, joined with Milton in his office of Latin Secretary under Cromwell, wrote much poetry of various sorts, some of it in the Elizabethan octosyllabic couplet.
the basic line is octosyllabic, Iacopone introduces considerable
Christian Rempis, who regards the verses as primarily Persian, suggests that they represent an Old Persian octosyllabic or hexasyllabic meter, depending on which version is read ("Die altesten Dichtungen in Neupersisch," Zeitschrift der deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft 101 [1951]: 220-40, at 222-23).
In other words it is a satura, composed of batches of octosyllabic and decasyllabic verse, with rhyme arranged at discretion, and sometimes doubled; with rhythm varying, but not beyond the ranges of iamb and trochee.
(17) These imported metrical romances had either dodecasyllabic or octosyllabic structure and assonant verses.
octosyllabic couplets aloud when rain forced an end to outdoor walking
Dating from the medieval period, the Spanish poetic romance is customarily classified according to theme and defined formally as being composed of an indeterminate number of octosyllabic verses with assonantal rhyme on the even lines only.
In this poem of 1800 octosyllabic lines, Nature engages in a dialogue with an errant alchemist, chiding the latter for his many departures from both Nature and Reason:
The text of Le Roman de Brut was more rhetorical than the Latin original, and the octosyllabic verse that Wace was using was in organic conjunction with his use of many rhetorical devices and of a certain picturesqueness; for example, Wace who wanted to achieve rhythmic effects would again and again use repetitions, citations and anaphors: "whether he ate or drank, spoke or was silent" ("se il manjot, se il beveit, se il parlot, se il taiseit" /verses 35-36/) or this when Brut:
The use of octosyllabic couplets as the spoken text's foundational format;