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1. also oc·to·syl·lab·ic (ŏk′tō-sĭ-lăb′ĭk)
a. A line of verse containing eight syllables.
b. A poem having eight syllables in each line.
2. A word of eight syllables.

oc′to·syl·lab′ic adj.


1. (Poetry) a line of verse composed of eight syllables
2. a word of eight syllables
octosyllabic adj


(ˈɒk təˌsɪl ə bəl)

a word or line of verse of eight syllables.
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Noun1.octosyllable - a verse line having eight syllables or a poem of octosyllabic lines
verse line, verse - a line of metrical text


[ˈɒktəʊˈsɪləbl] Noctosílabo m
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Correspondingly, the lines oscillate between the pair and the impair, the well-formed (5//5 decasyllable [first and fourth lines], 3>5 octosyllable [fifth line]) and the indeterminate.
The varying stanzaic patterns, which reflect the push-and-pull movement of the sea (increasing from the octosyllable to the alexandrine, then decreasing back to the octosyllable), reflect this hesitation formally; if the epic poem and the ghosts of Roman poets are evoked, they ultimately disappear ("plus de trace" 82).
It seems unlikely that Borges presented "Los compadritos muertos" to Piazzolla since it features hendecasyllable verses, not the characteristic octosyllable versification of these tangos and milongas.
According to my work on rococo meter, the alexandrine, decasyllable and octosyllable combination is a favorite in rococo heterometrical poetry (Nell-Boelsche 243).
In addition to the decimas, Rivera de Alvarez (1983) describes other types of oral expressions used in Puerto Rico, such as the romances and romancillos (short narratives or lyrical poems in octosyllable meters), coplas (ballads), cantos (songs), rimas infantiles (nursery rhymes), refranes (proverbs), adivinanzas (riddles), and cuentos (folktales) (pp.
In Orchard's opinion, Aldhelm and his contemporary AEthilwald pioneered this type of verse, and Orchard thinks that alliteration in Old English poetry influenced the octosyllable, especially in AEthilwald's verses, e.
It seems that the author of Floriant has perfectly memorized the 30,000 verses of Claris, as if he had at his disposal this prolific stock on which he was able to draw immediately in order to pick whatever met his own needs, definitely without having to go through a manuscript to find the octosyllable that might suit him in a specific context.
53), and on the basis of other witnesses can be amended to the perfect octosyllable 'non contrastes a las gentes' or 'e non contrastes las gentes'.
Turner's primary theme is luck, but in offering a more structured sense of how things work he remembers Hamlet, beautifully adapting Shakespeare's famous pentameters into the lively octosyllables of a pub recital:
For reasons having to do with the tension between the rhyme and strophic structures--that is, the gap between the somewhat repressed sizains organizing the rhyme structure and the tercets into which the stanzas are graphically distributed, a gap creating a persistent phenomenon of phonetic and prosodic deferral--as well as with the constitutive brevity of the metrical mix of octosyllables and quadrisyllables, interlinear and interstrophic enjambments are the prosodic rule rather than the exception in "Les Effares.
Although the feminine rimes in this extract sometimes alternate with masculine rimes in the way one would expect of later French verse, the effect is ephemeral; there is in fact no discernable pattern to the alternation of masculine and feminine rimes, octosyllables and heptasyllables, in the larger text.
56)--a voice that speaks to the actor in octosyllables.