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1. One of eight offspring delivered at a single birth.
2. A group or combination of eight associated by common properties or behavior.

[From octuple (modeled on triplet).]
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1. (Biology)
a. any of the eight young produced from a multiple birth
b. (as modifier): octuplet sisters.
2. (Biology) (as modifier): octuplet sisters.
3. (Classical Music) another name for octet1
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A TEACHER was yesterday said to be about to give birth to 12 babies - breaking the record set by US octuplet mum Nadya Suleman.
TWO of octuplet mum Nadya Suleman's babies are set to be allowed home today.
FIFTEEN hospital workers have been fired for illegally looking at the octuplet mum's private files.
SURROUNDED Nadya Suleman with her octuplet babies; PREPARED Suleman with a batch of nappies
OCTUPLET mum Nadya Suleman will get free childcare worth pounds 100,000 a month, thanks to a kids' charity.
These are particularly common among children weighing less than 1,500 grams at birth (roughly three pounds, four ounces); every Suleman octuplet falls into this category.
While the octuplet's birth catapulted her into the limelight, it was Suleman's own decisions regarding the children's conception, creating the potential for the story.
Though marked pianissimo and dolce, Piano I intensifies the accompaniment of the bell effects by passing from quadruplet sixteenth to triplet sixteenth to octuplet thirty-second notes at a mezzopiano level before resuming the melody.
Dr Harold Henry said the octuplet's mother was already pregnant when she went to Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Centre, and was counselled on the option of aborting some foetuses.
OCTUPLET mum Mandy Allwood has revealed she has had enough of giving birth.
Mandy Allwood insists she was unable to choose which of her unborn octuplets should be aborted ten years ago.' HEALTHY...
A second baby in a set of Italian octuplets conceived with the help of fertility drugs died yesterday, a day after she was delivered, doctors said.