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(in Britain, formerly) abbreviation for
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Overseas Development Administration, now superseded by the Department for International Development (DFID)


or o•dah

(ˈoʊ də, oʊˈdɑ)

n., pl. o•das or o•dahs.
a room within a harem.
[1615–25; < Turkish: room]
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The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MoPI) convened a meeting to sum up ODA disbursement in the first six months of 2019 on July 18 in Ha Noi.
Dwein Baltazar's "Oda sa Wala" also bagged nominations for "Best Screenplay", and "Best Cinematography".
Speaking to the media at the head office of the Ghana Education Service at Akim Oda, Mr.
He noted that under the existing ODA law, 'ordinary Filipino workers are deprived of the opportunity to work and partake in the benefits of the loans that Filipino taxpayers will be paying for.'
'For ODA, even though there are no formally agreed Belt and Road projects, the warming of China-Philippines relations has led to a strong presence of Chinese contractors hoping to take part in the domestic infrastructure expansion.
It was followed by the World Bank with $3.13 billion (21.56 percent) and the Asian Development Bank with $2.24 billion (15.44 percent), US with total active ODA amounting to $807 million (5.56 percent) and Korea with $660 million in loans and grants (4.55 percent).
Previous studies on South Korea's ODA to Myanmar have concentrated on the economic benefits for Myanmar, assuming that ODA contributes to partner countries' "promotion of economic development and welfare".
The Republic of Korea (ROK, hereinafter referred to as Korea) is an exemplary country that successfully converted from a recipient of ODA to a donor country.
L to R: Ryoko Okada, ODA New York; Kristina Jacob, Halstead Property Development Marketing; Lindsay Barad, Halstead Property Development Marketing
Now, newly inaugurated as president of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Lee is spearheading the government organ for ODA, challenged to reboot the scandal-hit organization.
By accessing the Teigha Platform provided by ODA, ZWCAD 2017 can open, edit and save any existing .dwg file without conversion or data loss.
Oda becoming a well-known keynote speaker and business expert.