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Then came the nests of dories lashed to ring- bolts by the quarter-deck; the house, with tubs and oddments lashed all around it; and, last, the sixty-foot main-boom in its crutch, splitting things lengthwise, to duck and dodge under every time.
The amount of oddments space was good in the front but not so much in the back.
From the premium hide seats to the - would you believe it - electrically controlled lid on the deep oddments box on the transmission tunnel.
Even apart from its 24.8 mpg average, however, it's sadly not a practical family car - you need the four-seater Aston Martin Rapide S for that - as the two tiny rear seats are more for accommodating oddments than people.
The second book is much more varied with a miscellany of poems to friends, a few tributes and eulogies, rebuttals of detractors, some contemporary comment, and sundry incidental pieces and oddments. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
Each page is lovingly illustrated by Chicago artist Susie Kirkwood and bursting with gorgeously unsettling tales of parents abandoning children out of spite, men sabotaging women out of love, and other oddments and ear worms.
2 CLIMBING THE LADDER I AM partial to quirky accessories and oddments of furniture.
Oddments room is on the tight side and compartments are small, while the boot takes about 270 litres.
Oddments room is plentiful but the compartments are on the small side and the boot offers from 185 to 550 litres once the individual back seats are folded nearly flat.
Sitting on a longer chassis than its sibling it is also taller and wider and that space has been put to good effect, seating five with a lot of room, many oddments spaces and compartments inside as well as offset fold and tumble back seats to gradually increase capacity to over 1,200 litres.
Other landmark buildings house museums and art galleries, such as the Archaeological Museum, a treasure trove of Thracian and Roman oddments located in a former mosque.
The jumbles of pale, easy-to-see oddments apparently serve as a reliable indicator, the researchers say in the Jan.